Mobile Mapping

Eagle GIS 360 Mapping Vehicle

mobile mapping ,asset collection, storm analysis

360 data capture and feature extraction, any thing collected with our 360 camera is Geospatial, this means whatever you see in the image can be measured, extracted and provided as GIS ready files

Environmental Damage Asessment

flood, environmental monitoring

Environmental mapping and cataloguing, erosion, water level mapping and analysis


Data collection for utilities, pole audits, permitting, HFC, FTTx, Power

Data collection for utilities, pole audits, permitting, HFC, FTTx, Power

Insurance Claims

insurance claims, adjusters, accident image records

Accident claims can be archived preserving important details from imagery, scenes can be reviewed, measured and analysed at any time from the convivence of your desk

Vegetation Monitoring

power, telecom and pipeline monitoring

Vegetation Growth Monitoring and Corridor Mapping, suppling utilities and carriers up to date conditions where tree trimming, pole conditions, storm damage can be collected and reviewed for analysis and crew deployment

Asset Management

Asset collection, signs, fire hydrants, manholes,poles

Whatever your asset, we can save field crews substantial time and effort.  What type of asset would you like extracted, curbs, signs, edge of pavement, manholes, parking lot lines, see it on the image, we can extract it via GNSS accuracy and machine learning, and photogrammetry software, we also have field crews ready for QC of data or backlot assets that are not seen on image